One of the cool things about just driving around the country with no commitments is that you can just pull off to investigate something that amuses you.

Such was the case with the Black Hills Wall Drug Backyard, or something like that. As we’re heading along the highways, we kept seeing billboards about this place.

Now it wasn’t that the billboards, taken individually, were all that special. It was the number of them. Also that the place was listed as a “must see oddity”.

So, what the heck, off we went to investigate.

What we found was a quirky little corner, off the beaten path that had a variety of stores, an old-style mall, and several “photo spots” for tourists. And apparently there was more to see inside a large building with a dinosaur, but it was mostly closed due to the pandemic.

We perused the stores, bought a few knick-knacks, and had an interesting lunch where, due to Jessica’s finicky nature in regards to hot dogs, I was able to reap the benefits of her rejection of the fine meat product.

Still, we enjoyed it and Jessica finally got her chance to fulfill her dream of riding a massive jackalope.

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