Steven L. Sears

Steven L. Sears has worked as a Writer, Story Editor, Producer and Creator in Television, Film, digital media and animation. His lengthy career has encompassed over fifteen separate Television series, and development deals with many major studios in the industry, including Columbia Studios, Sony/Tristar Television, Rhysher Entertainment, Artists Inc., Cookie Jar Entertainment, Digital Pictures and many others.  

Jessica Brawner

Jessica Brawner sprouted in the wilds of South Texas and plotted ways to spend her life traveling the world. She has been remarkably successful at that endeavor, and is currently based in the Los Angeles area. 

In addition to her writing career, Ms. Brawner is currently the Director of Business Operations for a Residential Energy Storage company.

Oh, and hey! We’re married, and get up to all sorts of HiJinx – in case you didn’t guess 🙂 Below you can find links to some of our published works, and you can follow our HiJinx Adventures here!

Best-selling author, Kevin. J. Anderson (DUNE: HOUSE ATREIDES, STAR WARS: TALES OF THE JEDI, STAR WARS: JEDI ACADEMY) and veteran screenwriter, Steven L. Sears (XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS, THE A-TEAM) team up with artist Mike Ratera, to bring you STALAG-X.

This DELUXE EDITION features an original prose piece by Anderson and Sears.

Joe Human―is taken to a harsh P.O.W. camp on a distant planet where he will be examined, tortured, and forced to endure experiments that rip into his very mind, as the alien Krael seek to answer the question: What is human? A question that, in their hellish situation, the prisoners are finding harder to answer.

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Steven L. Sears has had a successful career in film and television encompassing over thirty years of involvement at all levels. From his beginnings as a staff writer on the hit NBC show THE A-TEAM, to Co-Executive Producer on the hit series XENA-WARRIOR PRINCESS for MCA/Universal, creator and Executive Producer of SHEENA for Sony/TriStar Television, and many pilot and development deals with the major studios and production companies, he has amassed a huge amount of experience and knowledge about the inner workings of the entertainment industry.

In THE NON-USER-FRIENDLY GUIDE FOR ASPIRING TELEVISION WRITERS, he shares that experience and gives advice for those considering a career in television writing. Instead of the traditional academic and sterile approach, Steven answers questions from a personal, first person perspective. The questions have been culled from the real world, people seeking out his advice and looking for the experience that most books don’t have. Some of what he writes about are hard and difficult facts to accept about the business. Other times it’s his opinion based on his vast experience. But all of it is unsweetened and direct. Even if you don’t like his answers, he will certainly make you think hard about your approach and choices when pursuing a career in an extremely difficult Industry. As a result, you will be better prepared to achieve the success that he has had. His style is accessible, personable and relaxed. “It’s like having lunch with Steven and asking him questions about the business. Without having to watch him eat.”

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Espionage! Sabotage! High profile heists, unexpected twists, and daring escapes! Captain Jac and her airship crew of misfits are the best at what they do. When an unknown agent offers them a job with a payout too good to be true and a heist that will go down in history, Jac can’t refuse. Against the backdrop of 18th century Europe, Jac soon finds herself pitted against the might of Rome, on a collision course with the Pope, and poised to unleash a dark secret the Catholic church has been hiding for centuries. A secret that threatens to release a demonic horror on the world. Captain Jac must rely on her wits to stay one step ahead of the dark forces aligned against her while she and her crew attempt to unravel the ultimate mystery.

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Captain Jacqueline and the crew of the airship Indiana must save one of their own and defeat a plot to overthrow the English crown. Will her capers prove deadly this time? Will England fall? The largest question? Just why the hell would a disgraced French noblewoman turned pirate airship Captain care? This is the first book of “The Unfortunate Fortunes of Captain Jac.”

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