In November of 2020 we got married! Times being what they were, we were not able to go on a honeymoon or vacation or basically anything else, so we began planning our Epic 2021 Adventure.

The planning and ideating (yes, it’s a real word; look it up) on this has been going on for the vast majority of this year, the original plans for the honeymoon included SpaceX, an underwater bungalow in Tahiti, three chorus dancers, a sequined thong and an emu (not on the emu; that would be silly!). However… events overtook our original plans and we had to think anew. Resigning ourselves to losing the deposit on the emu, we came up with something just as good. A cross country drive! And on September 11, 2021 we departed on our 5-week cross-country road trip adventure!

National parks, historic places, strange quirky attractions, whatever attracts our attention. And lots of photos, of course.

One heck of a honeymoon.

Besides, there’s always time later for emus.

Follow all of our adventures here.

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