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As you might have guessed, Jessica and I have a thing for caves. You might have already read our story about Carlsbad Caverns (and an upcoming story about another famous cave), so it won’t surprise you to know I was soon on the internet, looking for more underground caverns to explore.

During my search a photo showed up of a couple in a golf cart driving through a cave. Ruhr ror? I clicked on it and discovered Lost Cavern Cave and Nature Trail in Branson, Missouri. Hm. Seemed like a quirky enough thing to qualify for a side trip. I broached the idea with the wife.

“Branson?” she said in an excited voice. “I would love to go to Branson!”

Now it wasn’t so much the words that impacted me, it was the enthusiasm. For I had never heard of this “Branson”. And I told her so.

Her face immediately flashed with a combination of shock, confusion, pity and disappointment. For a moment, I swear, I could detect the workings of her mind as she was trying to figure out the difference between “divorce” and “annulment”.

It turns out Branson is a big deal. At least in the area of resort towns. If you already know of it, you were nodding your head with Jessica’s reaction to my ignorance. It has resorts, theaters, music, and so many other entertainment venues.

After much reassurance to my wife that I was, indeed, worthy of retaining her hand in marriage, I told her about the Lost Cavern Cave and Nature Trail. She quickly said, “We’re going!” and that was that.

So the Lost Cavern Cave and Nature Trail (aka “Top of the Rock Lost Cavern Cave and Nature Trail at Big Cedar Lodge”… try to get that on a T-Shirt) is a huge resort. It is owned by Johnny Morris, the owner of the Bass Outfitter empire. Aside from a huge hotel and golf course, he did, indeed, create a cavern trail experience that people can enjoy from an electric golf cart. The trail goes in and out of caverns, across bridges, around waterfalls, and is a really enjoyable experience.

But what was really interesting was the Natural History Museum underneath the hotel. A museum that told the story of the land before humankind came to know it and, importantly, a wonderful chronicle of the Native Americans of the land and their stories. We spent a few hours in the museum alone. As usual, of course, I took a lot of photos. Here you can see many of them.

It was a great day and wonderfully quirky. We had lunch in the hotel restaurant and, later, watched as the sun began to disappear behind the church Johnny Morris had built on the property.

Most importantly, I managed to redeem myself in the eyes of my beloved. Yes, groveling and a foot rub was involved.

3 thoughts on “Branson, MO!

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying your pictures and videos! This looks like a great vacation spot for us to look into as well. I am so glad you two are getting to take this much deserved trip. Lots of love! 💜

  2. I thank you for taking us, who want, along on your adventure. I can no longer travel but I get to travel in my mind to various places, countries and sights through friends and family who can travel. So thank you again. This is a great vacation.

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