Which one to take?

A long time ago, I (Steve) bought a Ford Expedition. It was intended to be a long haul vehicle for trips and camping. It’s been a fantastic vehicle and, it was assumed, we would take it on our cross country tour.

However… the Wrangler 4xe entered the equation. We had to make a decision.

The Expedition was large, roomy, smooth (incredibly smooth!) with a 29 gallon tank! It had been almost defect free for the 14 years I’d owned it. But… it also had a weak air conditioning system, a middlin’ mpg, and, as mentioned, was still a large vehicle.

The new Wrangler was smaller, meaning a bit more cramped inside. A smaller gas tank (by almost half), but a hybrid engine and better mpg on the gas engine. Also the air conditioning was of polar cap quality. And it was new, with a new warranty. But as a new vehicle, and new technology, there was always the possibility of unknown problems whereas the Expedition was a tried and true model.

After a lot of soul searching, and listing benefits and deficits, we decided to go with our new toy, the Wrangler 4xe. After all, this trip is about new adventures, isn’t it?

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