2021 Epic Adventure

The War of the Words!

So Jessica and I decided to set up this website and blog page for our adventures. The website name is a story in itself; one day I will tell it.  But when we decided to make the site about our adventures, we had to decide upon a template for it. Jessica was used to WordPress templates. I’m used to using html links and pages.  Her choice would look more professional, mine would look more rudimentary. Hers would be more structured, mine would allow more flexibility. However, hers could be updated with relatively little effort, mine would require a bit of work (and require my laptop as opposed to a tablet or phone). [Click on heading to read more]

2021 Epic Adventure, Jeep 4xe

The Brake Light Issue

So far the Jeep 4xe we purchased earlier this year has been a delightful vehicle. We’ve been enjoying it much more than we thought we would. The electric part of the drivetrain is really sophisticated. Jeep obviously put a lot of thought into this. And when the hybrid system shuts down (as it will when the battery is low) the gas engine picks up. There’s no dropoff in performance. The gas driven drivetrain is exactly the same as in the standard Jeep Rubicon.